Arabic courses

Have you planned a vacation in an Arabic country, do you want to be able to read what it says at the Moroccan butcher shop or do you work with people who speak Arabic?

We teach Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), mainly in the target language.

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When can you take Arabic courses?

Detailed course information about Arabic courses at CVO Semper is currently only available on our Dutch website. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

If you are interested in one of our language courses, you can continue visiting our website by using Google Translate to translate the web pages.


Get inspired

Testimony from a student in the Arabic course

I am Belgian of Moroccan origin and speak fluent Dutch, French, English and a little Berber.

I am very interested in the Arab culture and Arabic language. That is why I did not hesitate to enrol on the Arabic course at CVO Semper.

The lesson is given by an enthusiastic young teacher of Syrian descent. Thanks to the pleasant group atmosphere and the fun lessons, I will certainly also enrol in the 4th year of the Arabic course.


More than a language course!

Learning Arabic also involves Arabic cooking

Learning Arabic also involves Arabic cooking!
نتعلَّم و نطبخ بالعربيّة

In the Arabic course, things are sometimes tackled in a fun and playful way, and at times learning Arabic is combined with Arabic cooking. Yummy!