English courses

English is the world’s main language: a must in international companies, a great source of support when traveling in countries far and near, and of great value when enjoying films and music. Whether you already speak this language well, or have to start at the beginning: your English can always use a boost! Conversation and British humour are essential components of all classes.

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When can you take English courses?

Detailed course information about English courses at CVO Semper is currently only available on our Dutch website. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

If you are interested in one of our language courses, you can continue visiting our website by using Google Translate to translate the web pages.


Get inspired by Rita

Testimony about the English courses

When I retired 5 years ago, I planned to go abroad a lot and I immediately decided to take an English course at CVO Semper.
It is an effort, but I have no problem keeping it up. On the contrary! Learning English has become a passion.

I am still looking forward to taking classes every week and learning English.

There is a lot of variety in the course. The teachers not only guide us very well during the lessons, but also know how to motivate us to read as much as possible, listen to English-language music, watch documentaries, films and series.

It is also a rich experience to get to know a number of people with the same objective and to encourage each other when things are not going smoothly.

In the meantime, I am proud of myself that I can follow a guide in a museum or city, have a conversation, read a magazine and make bookings without much effort.

And… I do not intend to quit because there’s nothing I’m keener on than exchanging ideas with classmates during the “English conversation class” I have recently enrolled on.


English, more than a language course

Afternoon tea in an Engish course

The students of the English course learned everything about the history, the types of tea, the etiquette of "the afternoon tea". They now know how best to prepare and drink tea, pinky up!

The teachers outdid themselves and provided shortbread, cake, cake and even more cake ... Food to lick your fingers! Learning English can also be fun!