Flemish sign language courses

Did you know that Flemish Sign Language is an official language in Belgium? It is a young language, but with a very long history.

The Flemish deaf community consists of about 6,000 people who use Flemish Sign Language every day. Their relatives, friends and colleagues also know sign language to some degree. People who don’t know anyone who is deaf are also often highly interested in Sign Language. Flemish Sign Language is a real language. It has its own vocabulary, grammar and language structure.


When can you take Flemish sign language courses?

Detailed course information about Flemish sign language courses at CVO Semper is currently only available on our Dutch website. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

If you are interested in one of our language courses, you can continue visiting our website by using Google Translate to translate the web pages.


Flemish Sign Language students at CVO Semper


Why am I learning Flemish Sign Language?

Sofie: “… My daughter is deaf. Because I am now following the Flemish Sign Language course, we can more easily chat with each other. That is very cool! The lessons are also very pleasant ...”

Peter: "... I wanted to learn another language, but I had a hard time choosing. Then I saw two people in town making gestures to talk to each other. That immediately fascinated me. I started looking for information and I enrolled in the CVO. I am already in my third year. I now also have some deaf friends. I think it is a real enrichment of my life and I am glad that I took that step...”

Karin: “… I work with people in home counselling. Sometimes there are also deaf people or people hard of hearing. I couldn't understand them before or make myself understood. Now I am following the Flemish Sign Language course and communication goes much smoother. That is great for all of us. I'm very busy, but I like going to school. The lessons are very pleasant…”

Jan: “… I have a deaf colleague at work. He has been working with us for a few years. This inspired me to learn Flemish Sign Language. Thanks to the course we got to know each other better and we became friends. The lessons are very practical, and I was able to quickly use sign language. Because I chat a lot with my colleague, I am making great progress…”

Zoë: “… New neighbours came to live opposite us. The woman is deaf. She seemed very nice to me, but because I did not understand her, I did not dare speak to her. Then I got a leaflet from the CVO in my letter box with information about the Flemish Sign Language course. I went to the CVO and registered. The lessons are very practical. Soon I could chat with her. Now we are good friends and we do a lot together...”

Christa: “… I’m learning Sign Language with my sister, because my cousin is deaf, and his girlfriend is hard of hearing. They used to sit quietly at family parties because they couldn’t engage in the conversation. Now we can chat together. They are very sweet people. We feel very good about learning Flemish Sign Language...”

Karel: “… A deaf man also trains at my gym. I saw him regularly, but I could not talk to him, so I just raised my hand or smiled kindly. That was it. Then I saw an advertisement about the Flemish Sign Language course. I started taking classes at the CVO and now we regularly have a chat….”

The number of people interested in Flemish Sign Language is still increasing. You can follow the Flemish Sign Language course at CVO Semper in Wolvertem. It is a 3-year practical training. The training starts the first week of September. If you have previously taken sign language lessons, please inquire about the possibilities to start in a more advanced class. You are most welcome.