German courses

Your winter sports holiday in Austria, your hiking weekend in the High Fens, your city trip to trendy Berlin, your visit to the opera or your binge-watch sessions of Schwarzwaltklinik... you will get so much more from it all if you understand and speak the German language. And what constitutes better brain exercise than der, die and das?

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When can you take German courses?

Detailed course information about German courses at CVO Semper is currently only available on our Dutch website. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

If you are interested in one of our language courses, you can continue visiting our website by using Google Translate to translate the web pages.


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Testimony about the German courses

German was one of those stumbling blocks during my humanities… 'der-die-das’ was about all I managed. Until my son met his great love in Berlin and I got a German-speaking daughter-in-law.

Together with my husband we went to visit her a few times in Berlin where she was studying. Those visits were fantastic, and we also got to know a new love: Berlin.

But our "Pfaff German" really bothered me! I heard from friends that German courses were given at the CVO. For two years now I have been taking German lessons at CVO Semper in Asse. The lessons take place in such a pleasant atmosphere that our class has become a good group of fellow mates. The balance between the necessary grammar knowledge and practical conversation about anything and everything makes that it really works.

The chats with our daughter-in-law and her family are quite different now. I have come to love that language.

Our teacher has a perfect feel for what is easy and what needs more time. Every week information on German literature, films and TV series is exchanged. An incentive to enrich and practise further vocabulary outside the classroom.

And moreover: German is our third national language, a must for everyone!
We are now also discovering the Belgian East Cantons and we are increasingly going to Germany. Glad we can have a real chat with the Germans.