Greek courses

5 good reasons to learn the Greek language: 

  1. The Greeks are friendly people who like chatting with tourists and treating them to a glass of ouzo.
  2. Greece is not that far and easy to reach
  3. Greece has picturesque villages, beautiful sandy beaches, vast forests, …
  4. The cultural wealth of Greece is impressive. Greek myths and the Greek language have enriched many other languages.
  5. In Greece, you can experience tranquility and life moves at a slower pace …

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When can you take Greek courses?

Detailed course information about Greek courses at CVO Semper is currently only available on our Dutch website. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

If you are interested in one of our language courses, you can continue visiting our website by using Google Translate to translate the web pages.


Get inspired by Kristine

Kristine, student in the Greek course at CVO Semper

“I follow the Greek course so that I can speak fluently with my Greek in-laws and because we often go on holiday there.

Learning Greek with 1 lesson in class and 1 online lesson every other week really appeals to me because this is a very flexible way to learn Greek. The topics are very well chosen, and you can immediately use your newly acquired vocabulary in real life.”


Get inspired by Diane

Diane, student in the Greek course at CVO Semper

During our holidays in Crete, Samos, ... it feels great to be able to communicate with the locals. They also greatly appreciate this. That is why I take the Greek course.

In Belgium, Greek also comes in handy during a restaurant visit or when you buy typical Greek products at the market or in a Greek store.

The Greek course is varied and highly recommended: you learn the Greek alphabet, a lot of vocabulary and basic grammar.



Get inspired by Rosanna

Rosanna, student in the Greek course at CVO Semper

Can you describe the Greek course in 1 word?
1 word? Pick one from challenging, fascinating, enriching.

Learning Greek is made fun and challenging in a fun way by the continuous variation in playful exercises, short dialogues, crosswords, fun songs, pictures, TV series, etc.

In addition, the combination of a lesson every other week at CVO Semper with the online exercises at home makes that everyone book results at their own pace.

Unfortunately I have too little opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. But every time I visit a Greek taverna, or a friend who was once married to a Greek and the Greek tennis club manager, I do not fail (sometimes to the great frustration of my companions) to show off my “best” Greek. ..

And soon I will be leaving for a holiday to Crete where I will gladly ‘release’ the Greek language onto the Greeks… (hopefully they will not respond in English…) and I hope to make myself understood.

Learning Greek in a group is really nice. You get to know people who have the same interest, motivation and objective, with whom you can already practise and learn, with whom you laugh because of stupid mistakes, who help you with the exercises and support you in difficult moments when you lose motivation. You realize that you are not the only one who is making the umpteenth mistake or searching for yet another word that you seemingly have forgotten…

Learning Greek together is much more fun and therefore much more motivating and efficient than learning by yourself ...


Greek dance in the classroom

Our "new teachers" An and Bram (students of Waystage 2) may not have Greek roots, but they clearly have Greek blood, more specifically there’s Cretan blood flowing through their veins. They radiate passion for Greek dance and we greatly enjoyed their performance in class.