Portuguese courses

When you visit Portugal, you will notice instantly that the Portuguese are hospitable people who appreciate you speaking their language.

Brazil and Portugal are not only beautiful countries to visit, they are also important trade partners. It is important that you speak and understand the language if you want to negotiate with business partners.

Although Brazilian is slightly different from European Portuguese, a course in Portuguese will make it much easier for you in Brazil. The difference is mainly in a number of typical words and expressions and our teachers pay attention to this.

It will only take a few classes before you have moved on from “bom dia” (good morning).  Go for it!

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When can you take Portuguese courses?

Detailed course information about Portuguese courses at CVO Semper is currently only available on our Dutch website. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

If you are interested in one of our language courses, you can continue visiting our website by using Google Translate to translate the web pages.


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Can you describe the Portuguese course in one word?

The Portuguese course is very instructive, pleasant, solid, "refreshing", the course is "Canja de galina" i.e. the students can follow without difficulty. Learning Portuguese is just great and enriching.

What makes you like this course?

We appreciate the enthusiasm of the teacher and the fact that the course is interactive. The Portuguese lesson is over before you realize it.

Where do you use the language?

During the holidays in Portugal and every week in class.

Do you enjoy group lessons?

Yes, the diversity of the group is nice, and we speak a lot during the lessons!