Spanish courses

You are a beginner but you have some notion of the language.

In this course, you will learn how to cope with everyday situations and slowly enlarge your vocabulary. In this level, you will learn to apply the past and future tenses of verbs, among other things. At the end of this course, you will be able to:

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When can you take Spanish courses?

Detailed course information about Spanish courses at CVO Semper is currently only available on our Dutch website. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

If you are interested in one of our language courses, you can continue visiting our website by using Google Translate to translate the web pages.


Get inspired by Ilse

Be inspired by Ilse, a participant in the Spanish course

Can you describe your Spanish course in one word?


What makes you like this Spanish course?

There is a very nice atmosphere and our teacher has a good sense of humour.

Where do you use the language?

On holiday in Spain.

Do you enjoy taking classes in group, why?

You meet new interesting people, all with the same motivation to learn Spanish.

Get inspired by Hugo en Maria

Testimony about the Spanish courses

Clear sky or a dark and rainy day,
every week again we’re on our way,
with an enthusiastic guide
and cool travel companions.

Chasing Don Quijote,
not conquering windmills
but vocabulary and grammar.
Y sobre todo hablar, hablar, hablar ...
(and most of all speaking, speaking, speaking)


Get inspired by Thierry

Be inspired by Thierry, a participant in the Spanish course

Describe your Spanish course in 1 word.


What makes you like this course?

In the Spanish course, there’s a good alternation between pleasant and serious subjects, which makes the course seem less difficult and you get the hang of it faster.

Where do you use the language?

Mainly in the workplace and when I master Spanish better, it will certainly come in handy abroad!

Do you enjoy taking classes in group, why?

I am a sociable person and like to be surrounded by other people. Learning Spanish in group also gives you the opportunity to learn from one another.